Dementia Organisations

This groups aims to help people to discover information about organisations, whether they are local or national, and to discover how they may be able to help.

Alzheimer's Society launch of a newly revised version of the activities book

Alzheimer’s Society is very pleased to announce the launch of a newly revised version of one of its most popular resources for health and social care professionals.

Digital Stories - Dangling Conversations

Using this resource

This collection of digital stories is designed to engage the audience with the storyteller’s experience. Each story is approximately five minutes long. You are encouraged to watch each story and reflect on what the story makes you feel and think. There are reflective questions for each story which will help you reflect more deeply. You should also think about how these reflections would influence how you work with people with dementia. Make a record these reflections to help you remember some of the ideas that you have.

Continue here:
Abertay University (Scotland)

East Cheshire NHS Trust seeks Feedback from Dementia Carers

The carers of people living with dementia are being asked to provide vital feedback about
their experiences to further improve levels of support, quality of care and inform healthcare
The dementia carers group, which has been organised by East Cheshire NHS Trust and the
Alzheimer’s Society, is being held at the Springbank Centre on Victoria Road, Macclesfield
on May 21.


It’s time to talk about dementia

With May’s ‘Dementia Awareness Week’ focusing on ‘talking’, Claire Moser introduces the RCSLT’s forthcoming dementia campaign
(Royal College of Speech And Language Therapists.

Here's their dementia campaign:

South Cheshire CCG - New help available to transform support services for carers and people living with dementia

New help available to transform support services for carers and people living with dementia

Practical tools to improve the quality of support services for carers and people living with dementia will be launched today to mark the first anniversary of the Making it Real campaign.

News from South Cheshire Clinical Commissioning Group:

Urinary tract infection (UTI) and dementia

What is a urinary tract infection?
A urinary tract infection (UTI) is usually caused when bacteria enter the urinary tract via the urethra. The bacteria can then move upwards through the urinary tract, infecting the bladder (a condition known as cystitis) and sometimes the kidneys (a condition called pyelonephritis).

Dementia and the benefits of acupuncture and acupressure

We read more and more these days about the increasing number of people living longer, with the result that the number of individuals developing dementia type illnesses is also increasing. There are numerous therapies and drugs in existence that bring relief to the distressing symptoms seen in these types of illnesses. However at the same time more of us are looking for complimentary therapies to help alleviate symptoms or the anxiety and stress brought about by the disease.

Via Otus live in care....

Email just received - views appreciation please...

HI all, just received this and wondered if any of you would like to get involved?

To whom it may concern,
We, the Information Daily ( plan to publish a set of third party features from key organisations in time for Dementia Awareness Week on the 19th-25th May. The pieces can be original opinion on any topic surrounding dementia awareness or the future of dealing with dementia in general. Perhaps someone at DemenShare could provide a piece on the use of technology to improve life quality for those with the condition?

Barbaric? No, electronic tags are a godsend for people with dementia

Hi all,

Yesterday there was a post from Sussex police force taking posession of tagging equipment to help them find people who have dementia that constantly wander. The report caused a massive uproar re: human rights issues and deprivation of liberty. Having watched the debate take place on social media (with an open mind) I personally feel that if I was taking care of a loved one with dementia, and to allow them independence (as long as they were safe) I would allow the tag.

Would love to know all of your thoughts please, really is a big issue on debate in the UK at the moment...

Strategies for home caring

Thought I'd share this site with you, has some interesting solutions for looking after someone with dementia. You might even recognise one of the solutions ;-)

Challenge Dementia:

Living with dementia magazine May 2013

A cure for dementia?

Phil finds out about a new brain bank at the University of Manchester which may cure dementia, you'll hear from a man who appeared on The Voice on Saturday and there's a preview of tonight's football.

BBC link:

Sorry haven't had chance to listen to this, perhaps someone who does could elaborate please ?

Home eye tests

Hi all
One of my DemenShare Facebook 'friends' has asked...
Can anyone tell me who will do a home eye test for my 80yr old mother? One which can be trusted as we had a bad experience last yr ! Thanks

Have any of you arranged/experienced an eye test at home for your loved ones?

A Day in the Life of an Admiral Nurse

My name is Maureen Kanabar and I am an Admiral Nurse in the London Borough of Havering.

A day in the life of an Admiral Nurse is not easy to describe, as no two days are the same, but every day is very busy!

I work with my Admiral Nurse colleague, Samantha Ponting, and between us we cover the Havering area. Our remit is to support families affected by dementia and improve their quality of life.

BBC Women's hour - Care for dementia sufferers (their words not mine - D)

For those that missed this morning's programme, the link takes you to the website where you'll be able to catch up.

An 'Alzheimer’s Show’ does make sense

At first, I assumed I’d misread the poster. Going down the escalator at a Tube station last week, I’d been absent-mindedly staring at the passing advertisements when something rather extraordinary grabbed my attention: ''The Alzheimer’s Show, 19th-20th of April’’.
That can’t be right, I thought, people don’t hold exhibitions about that sort of thing. Whose idea of a good time is to attend something like that? People go to weekend exhibitions about pets, ideal homes or weddings, not about an incurable, personality-destroying disease.

The Telegraph reports here:

When Memory Loss Leads to Sitting Around

As a dementia-care occupational therapist, these are all descriptions that caregivers have told me about their loved one with memory loss. The caregivers usually do not know how to get the person to do more things. Inactivity for the person with dementia can cause a faster rate of mental decline, more unwanted behaviors, and increased stress for the caregiver; it is an important issue to address...

Monica Heltemes continues:

Dementia 2013: The hidden voice of loneliness

Dementia: Singing for the Brain (NHS)

Singing for the Brain is a service provided by the Alzheimer's Society, which uses singing and other activities to bring together people with dementia or memory loss. A group of participants and their carers talk about the service's benefits.

NHS clip here: